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Canada is one of the countries with a long history of   gaming. Poker was first introduced  by french canadians to New Orleans  and ever since gambling is a part of their culture. canadian casinos arden made legal over four decades ago.  the first casino in canada Was in the province of Manitoba a lot of other provinces in canada followed the opening and many types of gambling we're approved side from bingo and slot machine.  other variations of gaming or black jack, blackjack, roulette,  poker, craps  and Baccarat.  across the niagara falls is one of the world's popular casinos Including 888 casino and many more. A lot of requirements however in added such as the age requirement to play casino is 19 and above  but of course you can trust shake it off have to provide a valid document such as a birth certificate and  and i.d. with a photo. You can learn more about casino here. 


The Ontario province has large main casinos operated by the United States based gaming companies.  There's a casino at the south of Detroit that has a gaming space of 100,000 feet that houses 3000 slot machines and a variety of craps. But one thing that really caught attention of the people is the big nickel mine slot machine.The Rama casino  placed at the northern toronto has 70,000 square feet area for gaming with 2200 machines and 100 table games not to mention the great entertainment provided.  The  third casino is named Niagara which has 3 levels across the Niagara falls and the rainbow bridge. it has 90,000 square feet of space for gaming with 2700 plot machines and almost 150 table games.  The sophisticated atrium is covered within 80 foot dome that features display of the sky. Find out for further details on this website right here. 


The Quebec province of Canada is also known for its casinos that are all smoke free. The casino de montreal which is among the largest casinos in the whole world and with the number of gaming equipment which are of course the latest not to mention the provided live entertainment. 


 The British Columbia of Canada  is popular because of the great canadian casino view royal which has 35,000 square feet area for gambling and houses 435 slot machines. Another popular  gaming site in British Columbia is the cascades casino  which have 50,000 square feet of gaming area that houses 27 table games and 530 slot machines.


 The Alberta province in Canada also has many casinos including the prank season silver dollar casino which birds is 80000 square feet that has 22 table games and 400 slot machines. Take a look at this link for more information.